Cheese & Grain

The Cheese and Grain is located physically and metaphorically at the heart of Frome. It is a venue for local markets, community and charity events, festivals and regular music events. Because it is so central to the town we wanted to work with the Cheese and Grain ever since we moved to Frome. I don’t think we have actually ever had to ‘pester’ anyone to work with us but it is possible we came close with the C+G :)
Sometimes it is easy for web designers to look at a poor website and criticise it unthinkingly, without wondering about the reasons for the poor design. I have discovered over the years that many poor websites exist for the simple reason that cashed-strapped organisations with few (often volunteer) staff and resources don’t have the money to commission a website design – instead some brave soul within the organisation, often without an ounce of web design experience or real idea what they are doing, takes it on and does their best to get something (anything) up. I think it’s better to support and congratulate organisations who’ve managed to get by like this. Frankly, the Cheese and Grain staff, who had to maintain and update their previous website, knew better than anyone else what it’s shortcomings were – they certainly didn’t need some smarty-pants London agency unconstructively itemising the issues.

This is one of the reasons I’m so pleased that the website we produced for the Cheese and Grain is undoubtedly one of the best web designs Kilroy James has ever produced – and seeing we’ve made over 300 websites, that is not an easy feat. We tried to get across the diverse and colourful nature of the venue, with a design that suggests festivities, colour and a certain ‘fromeiness’ (as one person put it). The Cheese and Grain has had many congratulations on their new website, which they passed on to us. Of all the things that please me the most about this project though is seeing how appreciative the staff have been, seeing how design can make people more positive about the place where they work, and in a real sense make their work lives more efficient and pleasurable.

Being a charity, the Cheese and Grain is also our most recent Community Client and the work we did for them was done at a very large discount.