Consultancy, Research and Project Services

Having planned and run hundreds of projects, Kilroy James is well-placed to help you with any of the following project activities:

  • Ideas and Concepts
    We are good at thinking creatively to raise and solve questions. One thing about working for so long in this industry is that we have seen fashions come and go. We know what works, can imagine what might work and can advise you about conceptual mistakes posing as innovations.
  • Suppliers & Tenders
    We can help you write Invitation to Tender documents, and to find suitable suppliers to send them to. We can help you asess Tenders and suitability of suppliers.
  • Project Specification
    Web and interactive projects can be fairly, to extremely, technically complicated. It is important you specify your requirements properly in order to make sure you achieve the outcomes you desire. We can help you with this by producing Requirements and Functional Specifications.
  • Co-ordination
    Aside from creating achievable and realistic Project Plans, we can help you co-ordinate your projects to ensure you do not run into time or budget difficulties.
  • Quality Assurance
    Knowing that your objectives, standards and requirements have been met is fundamental to every project. Again, web and interactive projects are typically quite technical and asessing these things properly can often require specialist knowledge and skill.