Technical Design & Services

We can supply Ecommerce systems, Content Managment Systems, and simple or sophisticated database and web applications of all types. In twelve years no one has yet managed to ask for the impossible!The quality of any web site or interactive product is only as good as the technical design behind it. Technical skill and attention to detail are both signatures of the best web sites, and it is with the strength of our technical design that we sign all our work.

We also offer a range of web site auditing services to check technical standards, accessibility and usability.Access to necessary ancillary technical services is, we think, indispensable. We will not leave you high and dry when you want advice about hosting, digital certificates, online payment services or data safety. And nor will we give you advice outside our capabilities; we can put you in touch with suppliers for services we don’t provide.

We will bring any of the following skills and services to bear during any project wherever there is a benefit to doing so.

Interaction design.

An approach to designing complex interactive systems (websites and software) which achieves good design by considering form, behaviour and appearance. Interaction Design prioritises concerns about, and results in designs rich in, that mystical property called usability.

Website design.

Our slogan used to be “Makers of fine web sites since 1994″, and we are one of the oldest web site design companies around. The notion of “fine web sites” was particularly important to us and our sites have been winning awards for their visual as well as technical merits for over ten years. We know a great deal about accessibility and technical standards and we offer the experience, knowledge and skill to help organisations of all sizes to build a positive online experience for their customers.

Ecommerce systems.

Ecommerce is retail, not marketing, and approaching it like just another web project is unlikely to lead to any notable success: the goals, expectations, operation and customer perspectives are all very different. The Kilroy James approach to ecommerce has proven success1 – we produce top-end systems for serious and ambitious businesses who appreciate (or are willing to learn about) the unique necessities of doing business on the Internet.

Other technical services

  • Information Architecture – is how web sites and other interactive software systems are planned and documented.
  • Database design and programming – we offer skills in Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and text-based databases.
  • Web and Application programming – Java, Perl, SQL, C, C++ and comprehensive web programming skills.
  • Technical and Accessibility conformance reporting – assessing whether a web site meets quality standards set by you, the UK Government or the W3C.

Example of an Information Architecture drawing

Our average break even figures for an ecommerce startup are four-times better than the UK averages according to the Government.